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Thursday, January 21, 2010

on Google vs China

Now the immediate heat of discussion on Google's new approach to China has settled a little (until new news come out from either party).

A lot of interesting analysis and speculations have emerged from the blogsphere and news medias, from bashing China's (if you don't know yet) human rights problem to questioning Google's real motives. You can find them all here (courtesy to Google!).

One thing everyone agrees, is that this is a significant event, but how significant? Will it change the world?

Fast forward forty years.

It's year 2050, we have just achieved 80% CO2 reduction goal set out forty years ago thanks to innovations in energy sector. On the news:

(Yahoo News) A syndicate of Internet companies lead by prominent companies like Google, Microsoft and eBay, have threatened to blacklist Australia if a new tax is implemented. The tax will be applied to companies who do not voluntarily comply with its censoring rules, and cover costs associated with censoring on the ISP level. Rumors say proponents of the tax are rapidly losing support from voters for fears that those threats become real.

(Apple Daily) In a bold move to tackle lumping economy and increasing domestic unrest, Japanese government has announced a plan to lift regulations related to the Internet, citing "The Internet has sovereignty of its own and cannot be governed in traditional means". The plan includes establishing a governing entity called UN (United Netizens) and handing over all regulatory duties to this entity. UN council body will consist representatives from prominent Internet companies and user groups. Japan urges other countries to follow the "great leap forward in net-neutrality". Economic analysts say such move could attracts over 5 trillion foreign investment to flow to Japan, especially from countries with complex or repressive Internet laws like US and China.

How does this future sound?

Maybe, just maybe, one day the Internet could be free.

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